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Interested in e-polling and survey your members? W.A.C.E. may be your answer. W.A.C.E. is offering its members the opportunity to do membership surveys and polls on important issues on a fee basis:

Some of the advantages of utilizing W.A.C.E. Survey Central are:

  • Your chamber does not have to subscribe to any polling service
  • Your save on postage, paper, and staff time required for mailing or faxing a survey or a poll
  • Surveys results are tallied and compiled for you. No more long hours compiling results by hand.

Local Chamber’s Responsibilities:

  • Assist in development of the survey or poll (maximum of 30 questions)
  • Notify members in advance that they will be receiving the poll or survey and that their response are important
  • Provide W.A.C.E. with a list of your members’ email addresses in an excel spreadsheet format.
  • Provide your chamber’s logo in a jpeg format that will appear at the beginning of the survey.

W.A.C.E. Responsibilities:

  • Assist the local chamber in the development of survey or poll
  • Provide the chamber with a variety of survey question response options
  • Provide the chamber with the survey or poll link (URL) that the chamber in turn can email to their members
  • Provide the local chamber 24/7 access to the survey/poll results

Tool Kit Survey/Analysis Fees:

Chambers interested in conducting the membership survey found in the W.A.C.E. Tool Kit will be based on the following fee structure. Fee includes a powerpoint analysis of your chamber's survey results compared to W.A.C.E. research and to over 160 other local chambers that have conducted the survey with the option of doing a conference call walk through of the analysis upon request at an agreed upon time.

Less than 500 members $300
501-999 members $350
Over 1000 members $400

For more information or to schedule a survey contact Russell Lahodny at russell.lahodny@calchamber.com or (916) 930-1241.

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"As a graduate of Academy, I can tell you that there is no program that will benefit you personally, your chamber and your professional career more than enrolling in W.A.C.E. Academy!"

Tom Pierson ACE
Academy Steering Committee Chairman
Tacoma-Pierce County (WA) Chamber
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