Pettit Memorial Award

Betty Nokes Capestany

Betty Nokes Capestany, President/CEO of the Bellevue (WA) Chamber of Commerce is the 2014 recipient of the Pettit Award. 

In memory of Russell E. Pettit, a veteran of 40 years in chamber of commerce management, who unselfishly served his community and fellow executives in the highest professional standards.  This award is presented to a chief executive officer or department head in recognition of outstanding contributions for encouraging new executives to enter the profession and in assisting those in the field to attain higher professional standards and capabilities.

Remarks by Ken Oplinger, ACE:

This person graduated from Washington State University (Go Cougs) in 1991.

And graduated from the Institute for Organizational Management at Stanford in 1991.

This person has served as a Chamber Executive for over 25 years in the Kent, Renton and Bellevue Washington Chambers, and has given back time and time again to our industry.

This person served on the Board of the Washington Chamber of Commerce Executives twice, and served as its President in 2004.

She served on the Board of WACE from 2005 – 2011.

She currently serves on the Board of ACCE, and served as the Chair of this national association just last year.

She has also a member of the US Chamber Committee of 100 since 2008.

She has also been honored many times for her outstanding work.

She was named Washington State Executive of the Year in 1996 and WACE Executive of the Year in 2005.

It is my honor and privilege to not only have nominated her for this award, but to present it to her today.

Please rise and congratulate our 2014 Russell E. Pettit “Excellence in Leadership” Award winner, the President/CEO of the Bellevue (WA) Chamber of Commerce, Betty Nokes Capestany!

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