Pettit Memorial Award

Ken Oplinger, ACE

Ken Oplinger, ACE, President/CEO of the Santa Barbara Region (CA) Chamber of Commerce is the 2013 recipient of the Pettit Award. 

In memory of Russell E. Pettit, a veteran of 40 years in chamber of commerce management, who unselfishly served his community and fellow executives in the highest professional standards.  This award is presented to a chief executive officer or department head in recognition of outstanding contributions for encouraging new executives to enter the profession and in assisting those in the field to attain higher professional standards and capabilities.

Remarks by Cindy Roth, ACE:

Our recipient truly meets and exceeds the criteria for the award receiving a total of seven separate nominations by individuals.
Our recipient has always been available to counsel, mentor or answer questions when asked by chamber CEO’s and team members.
He has facilitated board retreats and brought new and innovative ideas to many Chamber organizations.
He is an integral part of the Academy Program serving on the Steering Committee and has also been an instructor for several years.
He has served twice on the WACE Board of directors, as well as the Chair of the WACE Conference in 2005 and Chair of the Board in 2006.
He served as WACE Foundation Board Chair in 2013.
He is past President of Superchex, the chamber executives organization representing Northern California.
He has also been civically involved having served as a planning commissioner for three years in Visalia and six years Blaine, Washington.  He is also a former member of the Blaine City Council.
He was running a chamber two days after he graduated from Willamette University in Gold Beach Oregon and continued on to Hermiston,  Fremont, Visalia and Bellingham Chambers of Commerce.
He not only raised the bar for each chamber he’s worked for, he raised the bar for chambers in each region through his leadership and interaction with peers. He truly is a GIANT in our industry.
It is our honor to present the Russell E. Pettit Award to the Chief Executive Officer of the Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce . . .Ken Oplinger.

 2014 Pettit Award Application Form 


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