About Western Association of Chamber Executives


To enhance and promote the professional growth and competence of Chamber of Commerce Executives.


Incorporated in 1924, the association has played a significant role in the growth and development of chamber of commerce professionals, including management assistance for new chamber executives and other staff. Over the years, membership has become synonymous with access to a network of experienced chamber executives and exposure to emerging trends and usable ideas on every facet of chamber of commerce management. In 1995 the association dropped its California boundary and became the Western Association of Chamber Executives (W.A.C.E.).

Membership Services and Benefits

Annual Conference — a three-day management conference held in early February.

Annual Salary and Benefit Information - an annual survey of salaries and fringe benefits allows for good comparative data that is available by size of chamber.

Career Opportunity Bulletin -  known as "the pink sheet," the Career Opportunity Bulletin is a monthly publication that lists employment opportunities available in chambers throughout the West.

Membership Directory — a listing of all association members with addresses, phone and fax numbers and other information — a great networking tool. Available in PDF and updated monthly.

Professional Recognition W.A.C.E. recognizes outstanding performance by chamber executives and staff through a number of awards presented at the annual conference.

Reduced Fees — charges for publications and registration for the annual management conference are significantly reduced to W.A.C.E. members.

Research Publications — W.A.C.E. has published research papers on membership retention, membership recruitment, a guide for chamber board members, a guide to setting up a foundation, a guide to value-added benefits and others.

Accredited Chamber Executive (ACE) Designation — initiated in 1992 to encourage chamber executives to continually upgrade and expand their skills through continuing education, and encourage chamber boards of directors to recognize chamber professionals and provide funding for training for their executives. Recipients of the accreditation are honored at the annual conferences. Must be updated every five years.

Data Files — numerous files of up-to-date chamber information, including samples of chamber publications, program brochures, job descriptions, employment contracts and samples of other materials.

Scholarships — awarded to chamber executives and staff through the association’s Educational Foundation to assist with costs associated with the W.A.C.E.'s Academy and registration to the association’s Annual Conference and other professional development opportunities.

Webinars - In the Fall of each year, W.A.C.E. puts on a series of webinars (that utilizes both telephone and internet technology) and features outstanding speakers on subjects of interest to local chamber executives.  Members can participate in these seminars from the comfort of their own office.

Executive Leaders Roundtable in 1999, W.A.C.E. debuted a special professional development seminar for chamber CEOs with more than 10 years experience in chamber work.  These day-long seminars are typically held in May of each year at various locations throughout the West. 

Chamber Insider a newsletter focusing on chamber trends, success stories, commentaries from chamber leaders and association news.


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